This site is dedicated to the vibrant Greenwich district of London and in particular the Greenwich Observatory. This impressive building has served for centuries as a place for the finest minds in the world to study the cosmos and report their findings. Greenwich Observatory is open to the public and visitors will find a range of impressive exhibitions to enjoy here including photographs that have been taken from space as well as the highly powerful telescopes at Greenwich Observatory.

Greenwich Observatory is located close to the Greenwich Meridian Line, which is where Greenwich meantime comes from. Visitors will be treated to the unique experience of being able to stand on either side to the Greenwich Meridian so that each half of their body is literally in different time zones. The observatory can be found at the top of a gentle slope that runs up from Greenwich Park and this large and lovely green zone is the perfect place to unwind on a sunny day.

Visitors to this site will also find information on other great things to see and do while spending time in Greenwich. This includes overviews of some of the area’s top attractions as well as markets are restaurants that should not be missed.

Anyone who is planning to take a trip to explore Greenwich should take the time to read the different articles and blogs on this site to plan their trip. Visitors can be sure that they will have fun in the Greenwich district and will want to make sure that they allow plenty of time to explore.